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Thursday, November 20, 2008

back again... for now...

Thursday, 20th November 2008 – 10:36pm Singapore time

Three weird incidents today:

1. The train I took on the way to town bypassed the Aljunied station for reasons unexplained. The train operator subsequently apologised for the incident without explaining why it happened. I bet the ‘Aljuniedians’ weren’t too pleased about it.

2. A young boy, probably 14, approached me and asked if I could ‘help him buy cigarettes’. I told him ‘No’ and would have lapsed into a long lecture on the dangers of underaged smoking if I wasn’t in a rush. Kids these days…

3. A friend I was chatting to on MSN talked about how he “brang” some of his friends to a nice restaurant recently. Yikes! I’m torn… Should I make him aware of his mistake?

Anyway, I’m kinda back to blogging now and then, since I have a bit more time than usual…

The semester went by quite quickly although it was not without its painful moments… It was especially painful to mark exam scripts and subsequently having to type out individual subject comments for all 140 of my students… *shudder*

Speaking of students, I would like to say many thanks to 105 ’08 for the lovely card they gave me and also to one of the members of the class who gave me a personal offering… I’m touched by your thoughtful gesture and of course, the fact that you have put your summary-writing skills to good use… =)

I’ll be teaching the Year 3’s next year… Totally not sure what to expect, but it’ll be the first time that I’ll be planning out lessons, so it’ll be quite cool… And not too hard I hope…

Alrighty, that’s all for now… Pic was taken at the Jurong Birdpark where we had our Staff Seminar recently… I like how both Yan’an and Yong Yeong (that’s Ms Hou and Mr Tan for you kids) look so disinterested in the shot… Maybe I do bore people more than I’d like to think… ;p


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least it's a good school, so it's not so bad lah right? =)

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pleasantly surprised to find this update! YES I DO CHECK UR BLOG STILL!

Haha was the one who used "brang" UR NORWEGIAN FRIEND, LARS?! So not only does he have SVO problems, he is struggling w grammar too? hee hee. I actually forgot his name, and had to check my old archives. Saw our pics at mt faber... brought back good memories :)
check it out!!!!!!!


6:59 AM  
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