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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

time-trial: the aftermath...

Wednesday, 11th June 2008 – 1:03pm Singapore time

So I did my time trial yesterday and I really sucked… Like big time… At my worst, I did 14 seconds slower than my timing last year… 14 seconds is how long it takes to gulp down like 5 glasses of water or something…

I don’t really blame anyone for my dismal performance… In fact, I was so prepared to do badly, I wasn’t really upset at all… I was very unmotivated and had a defeatist attitude, even before I did my first stroke…

I guess it’s been a tough season for me so far… I still haven’t gotten a steady stroke… I appreciate all the input my team-mates have been giving me, but somehow I can’t reconcile all of their advice into executing the right stroke for myself…

I will just take this whole fiasco as it is and face up to whatever the consequences are for me in the upcoming DB Festival Race

Meanwhile, I will focus on getting my stroke right and just enjoy the sport as much as I can…

I miss the old days when I was naïve about the politics behind dragonboat… It was so nice then… I didn’t really have to grapple with so many things…

PS: I am *not* upset, so please do not leave any consolatory comments unless you wish to invoke my anger… =)


Anonymous Anonymous said...




I. AM. BACK. TOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've missed u! I got back on Sat night and got to work today =( My family is still in Europe.. how depressing is tt? Went to NIE for matriculation today and was super lonely till I met Karina from ur batch! Had a good chat and we talked abt u too... hehehe. See! I'm always thinking abt u ok! Miss ya buddy, gotta meet up soon.. surely we will hav interesting stories esp bcos we;re in e same profession =p

Hope we wun be as himbotic as lee sang kook & his lame bae yong jun jokes =p I will never forget his classic "is it because I look like Bae Yong Jun..."


8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


your blog is funny :D

11:39 PM  

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