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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a new chapter begins...

Wednesday, 18th June 2008 – 9:21am Singapore time

I had my first unofficial day at work on Monday where all us new teachers were briefed on the standard stuff like the school history, values, mission, expectations and so on… It was actually a little bit overwhelming as there was a lot to learn in such a short time… Also, I feel that I’m the most disadvantaged amongst all the new teachers as I am neither an ‘old girl’ of the school nor do I have experience in teaching… And now I wonder if I should keep blogging cos I know it’s a matter of time before my students find this blog and start digging at the bits of my personal life… How?!! ;p Well, actually I do have some teaching experience… I got it when I taught at Ngee Ann Polytechnic for awhile, so I guess I’m not that messed afterall…

I’ve been assigned two Sec 2 classes and two Sec 4 ones… And I also have my own cubicle now! Yay! But I need to do a bit of work on it though… It’s pretty apparent that this particular cubicle hasn’t been used for some time and so I’d have to do a bit of cleaning… And also lots of personalising… I remember the last time I had a cubicle was in the army… And I spent quite a bit of time making sure my desk and cubicle walls were all done up nicely… I like feeling comfy at work… Hehe…

Tomorrow shall be the first day of the term for us… Wish me luck!

And to all the NIE people: have fun together! I’m actually quite envious that y’all get to do it with each other… Make sure you keep your notes for me hor? I might come in to join you guys next sem… =)


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