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Friday, May 30, 2008

yay-ness part 2...

Saturday, 31st May 2008 – 11:48 am Singapore time

I am still beaming from yesterday; am soooooo happy that I got my 2nd upper! It’s been really stressful this semester since the very beginning to the very end; I had trouble getting 2 of my modules when the semester opened, I missed out on quite a few lectures, the workload was terrible, I had a shitty mid-semester deadline schedule, and my exam schedule was the worst ever in all my 4 years in NUS…

It was also the semester where I really worked my ass off… I was studying like I never studied before, practically making the honours room my second home… Although my results were not stellar, I am happy with them and am definitely happy with my final CAP of 4 flat (no more, no less)… Haha! That’s been my life since 2 semesters ago: living life on the edge… I’m glad I managed to stay on though cos if I had a grade lower for any of my modules, I would have dropped in the 2nd lower range and suffer a paycut! =(

Anyway, I wanna congratulate all the fellow E-Langers for their results! I’m sure everyone did well and all ready to graduate!

Also a big congratulations to Jamal and Bon-bon, my very first friends in NUS… Even though we’ve gone our separate ways academically, we’re still pretty tight! Must take pictures during graduation hor?

And also a special shout-out to Christine Chen Huiqing for giving me advice just before my Gender paper and always believing in me and my abilities… Hugs!

Thanks to Cheryl Freshie also for recommending that I do Business Law... I got an A for it! Woo hoo! And of course, thanks for studying with me, even though I know you'd rather be sleeping... ;p

And last but not least, a big thanks to my family for always being supportive, accommodating and understanding… I owe my success to you…

Ok, it’s beginning to sound like an Oscar speech… Bleargh!

Today is going to be Ubin day!! Or at least I hope so… It looks like it will rain, but it also look that it might be fine… We’ll see how it goes…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! Sooo smart!! Heh. Okie, I think I'll feel inferior in your presence now, heh.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Razlan said...

Congrats mate. Those nights of missed clubbing were worth it after all.

Now, ask me what I want for dinner after your get your first paycheck!

7:15 PM  

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