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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

like a candle in the dark...

Tuesday, 6th May 2008 – 9:02pm Singapore time

I am still in school!!

Well, I should be, as I am revising for my second last paper tomorrow… All this mugging into the late evening reminds me of my days as a freshie… In those days, I had to get up really early in order to get the prime study spots in the central library… Today, I can take my time to get to school cos I know there’ll always be space for me in the honours room… I am expectedly alone here, since most of the other honourables are done with their exams... I can only join them on the other side on Friday… Which is annoying to some extent, but it was also my choice…

What’s more annoying is looking at the pictures of my team-mates who were at a dragonboat event at Boracay over the weekend!! Practically everyone was there!! And they were all having so much fun!! Grrr… Oh well, this is the last time I’m stuck with exams… As an undergrad at least… I really, really, really hope I will able to join them next year… Or else, I’d just dig a hole and bury myself… Hahah…

Oh well, at least there’s the Dragontug to look forward to this weekend… It’s one of favourite dragonboat events and I do hope it will be heaps of fun as it was last year!

And since we’re on the topic of dragonboat, I’ve been having some paddling problems recently… The thing is, I lost my twist… I have no idea why, but I lost it… I somehow am unable to twist my body (something really important in paddling), while I execute my strokes and it is really frustrating! Coach Nasi has been patiently correcting me all these weeks and somehow, his instructions just can’t through to me! He even asked if I know how to dance!! Waaaah! I think it might be bad karma coming back to haunt me… Sigh… Well, whatever it is, I hope I fix it *real* soon cos the important competitions are coming up…

Anyway, I was very pleased with myself cos today, I managed to clear the *whole* textbook of Management!! Almost 16 chapters of shit, baby! Woo hoo! I had embarked on the journey thinking that I could never get it done… But I guess business-based subjects are not as reading-intensive as the arts ones… So I cleared it! This is the paper that I worry about the most for this semester, and I do hope it will be ok! *fingers crossed*

After tomorrow, I will just have one paper left… My flame may be flickering a little, but it still burns on strongly… =)


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