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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

keeping it down low...

Tuesday, 27th May 2008 – 3:59pm Singapore time

It’s been awhile since I last updated, so here’s a summary of what’s been going on:

- I worked at a corporate access forum at the Mandarin Oriental hotel for 4 days last week

- It was awesome! Was totally pampered and well paid… And well-fed too… *burp* ;p

- My dearest sister turned 27! No money, so couldn’t get her a present… Ooops… :(

- Had a dragonboat competition on Sunday which went ok, but it was also pretty disappointing… And somehow I felt uncomfortable throughout the whole thing, so much so that my strokes were very haphazard… Definitely not a good day for me…

So we come now to this week… I’ve been running errands today; got my contract with RGS sorted out, paid my bills (boo) and also getting ready for dragonboat today… My team trains 4 times a week now, so I hope to be able to do as much as I can…

I am a bit annoyed that I can’t do any running cos I hurt my foot (stepping on a *hot* piece of charcoal) during the team barbecue last week… Speaking of running, Clement, Melvin and myself decided not to participate in the triathlon relay this year as the fees are just too high! $94 is too much to just run 10km if you ask me… Oh well, maybe they’ll decide to be cheaper next year…

I’m enjoying my last few weeks of freedom before work starts… Cyril is coming to Singapore for one week and I’ll be hosting him… Next weekend will be a little visit to Malacca for me… I hope it’ll be fun… :)

Results will be out on Friday!! Aaargh!

Besides that, I don’t think I’ll have much going on… So yeah, this blog might be a little inactive for now… Till the next update!


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