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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fighting the flab...

My landlords bought me lunch (on their own accord) today, but they only got home after 2pm, and by then, I had already eaten… I felt bad and tempted to just eat a second lunch anyway, but decided not to… I’m trying to stick to better eating habits to avoid getting a belly which is flabbier than the one I have now… That means regular meals and no meals after 7pm… It’s been pretty tough sticking to this, but I think it’s working pretty fine…

I think I’ve also recovered from my chest injury, so it’s time to work it once more!

OUT with the FLAB, OUT!!

PS: that’s *not* my tummy, by the way… I am hairy, but not THAT hairy…


Blogger ms hayati said...

after the whole gender/identity/'language' shebang.. the post is just crawling with psychoanalytic discourse. whee!

*sayang sayang*

i oso wanna dragonboat lei... my arms look sexy after dragonboating.

8:59 PM  

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