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Sunday, April 13, 2008

a little bit of comfort...

Sunday, 13th April 2008 – 10:32pm Singapore time

So, I survived hell week in one piece, but with so many hours of sleep loss… But things actually went better than I thought they would… I am thankful that I was given the clarity of mind and the focus to actually plan out my work and complete all the tasks I had in a very systemic and organised way… I drew out a little timetable for myself and somehow managed to stick to it and made things work… So I am quite proud of myself for doing quite well…

Also, I had the good fortune of having very good groupmates for my projects… They were all really cooperative and made my life so much easier while trying to survive the worst week of my life in NUS ever… So, thanks, you guys! (dee, mandy, pix from narrativedonne, janice, shalina, zhi jun from management…)

Friday was presentation day… I had to do a presentation for my Narrative class and another one for the Management class… And since you usually had to dress up for business presentations, I was in my khaki pants and my shirt… It was a good combination to wear but hell, those pants were so tight I couldn’t breathe! Well, it was my fault for entertaining the notion that I could still squeeze into those pants after having them for like 7 years… It got pretty bad cos I was panting (internally) during both my presentations cos it was hard to get enough air in when the waistband of your pants kept pushing the air out… You know what I mean…

But thankfully, no one noticed I was panting… ;p I guess all those years of debate workshops and debate camps paid off…

For the first presentation (the narrative one), my role was more ‘himbotic’, meaning I was just there to present the examples and make silly jokes about them… Haha… But Prof Talib commented that both Pix and I did a job with the delivery… Yay! But maybe the praise was more for Pix, the orator extrordinaire… The second one forced me to be more serious and academic… My part was also longer and so there was more internal panting going on… But no one noticed and my classmates were especially impressed by how calm I sounded and looked… If only they knew how breathless I was… :D

I guess it’s time to lose some fats around the waist, or maybe a new pair of pants?

This week will be better I hope… Just two individual presentations and one tiny essay to do… So it’ll be cool…

This week also marks the last 5 days of school life ever!! It’s crazy eh? I’ve been in school for almost 16 years now and it’s finally time to get out and go into the real world… Kinda freaky too!

Anyway, I’m experimenting with a new look right now and have decided to grow out my facial hair… I look… different I guess… We’ll see how long I can pull this off…


Blogger M said...

YAYE you survived the week and the tight pants!

You did as good a job as Harry for Narrative :D Happy last week of school!!!


2:15 AM  
Blogger asraf angullia said...

thanks pants!!

i can't seem to leave comments on your blog, but congrats on completing your 'ownselfism'!! yay!

happy last week of school! see you soon!

5:45 PM  

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