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Friday, March 07, 2008

a little breather...

Friday, 7th March 2008 – 5:06pm Singapore time

So, another week goes by and I am starting to feel more pressure coming from school, specifically from the looming deadlines which threaten to snatch my sanity from me… Riiight! Haha… I’m still quite cool about my deadlines, even though this week was pretty hell-ish for me… I had a total of 3 presentations to prepare for, one of which was really important… I think I did pretty well for all 3… Presenting has always been something that I enjoy doing, and I think something which I’m pretty good at… Sometimes I just wish that your presentation skills account for a bigger portion of your grade… Rather than written forms of assessment… Hehe…

This weekend is race weekend… More specifically, it’s the first major race of the year, the MR500… For once, I am not too excited about a dragonboat event… The MR500 has more significance than just being the first race of the year; it is also a marker of my ‘anniversary’ with the Canadian Dragons… I joined the team right after MR500 in 2006, which means that this weekend marks my 2nd anniversary with these guys… Perhaps I am taking longer to get in the mood… Clement feels the same way too, and he’s been around about 2-3 months longer than I have… Oh well, there’s always something else to look forward to… Like dragontug… Which is one of my favourite dragonboat events ever… *grin*

I guess this is all I have to say for now… It’s the end of a busy week and the beginning of a busy weekend… Don’t fret if you see me zombified on Monday! ;p


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psst..happy birthday..luv ya..


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