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Friday, November 30, 2007

stay sac(red)...

Saturday, 1st December 2007 – 11:23am Singapore time

It’s World AIDS Day y’all! Do your part and help to combat AIDS and especially the stigma attached to it… No gesture is too small… :)

Anyway, it’s been a rather mish-mashy few days for me… Academic-wise, I received a small blow… Sometimes I wish I am more vicious when making decisions… I would be doing so much better… But you also have to consider other factors, like inter-personal relationships, group dynamics and blah, blah, blah… I think I’ll just stick to my strategies for now and if they fail me this time, then a review will be done… If you think this is a little too cryptic to understand, then ask me about it personally… Cos I don’t want everyone to know about this…

So I had my 2nd paper yesterday and it was a little bit tough… It’s for my Interactional Discourse class and to be honest, it’s my weakest English class this semester… I am just unable to really deliver what the lecturer wants and it’s not that I don’t try, but I just don’t know how to do what he wants us to do sometimes… I felt so lost after finishing the paper yesterday… The good news is, so did some of my classmates… But then again, you can’t trust these people sometimes… When they say they’ve @#$%-ed up a paper, it just means they’re getting an A- instead of an A… I’m guilty of doing that sometimes myself… I think it’s just a Singaporean thing to do… Bleargh!

I am doing the marathon tomorrow and am actually quite nervous about it… I have done my training and already set a running strategy in place… I know it will work, but I am just afraid of the amount of pain that I will be experiencing after it’s all over… Especially since I don’t think I trained enough… But I want to do it and I want to overcome my fear of the pain… And of course, it’s always delightful to lose some toenails as it means you don’t have to do any clipping for a month or so… Heehee…

I was initially planning to buy new running shoes as the pair I have now is broken… But I found out that contact glue is way cheaper than a pair of adidas… =)

I am now working on my revision for my Genes and Society paper and it’s not good at all! It’s so annoying… I @#$%-ing hate science!

There’s some activity going on downstairs and I’d just like to say that it can be quite unpleasant to have your flat too close to where the multi-purpose hall is… The perils of communal living…

Speaking of living, I went to visit the new apartment at Tampines yesterday… It looks so much nicer than I thought it would, but also a little bit overstuffed… That’s because the current apartment, despite being a maisonette, is much smaller than the previous one… So I guess my mom has a lot of furniture-donating to do! =)

Alrighty, time to study now… Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Blogger cheryl said...

asraf!! how was the marathon??? hehe..i wanna see your toenails (or what's left of them) when we meet on tuesday okokok? hehehe! all zee best for you crappy science module..and study hard for LIP!

9:40 AM  

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