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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

drumming to a new tune...

Tuesday, 13th November 2007 – 9:17pm Singapore time

FREEDOM!! Muahaha!!

As of now, I am totally absolutely free from all those damn bloody sickening deadlines! No more stupid essays, no more stupid presentations, no more stupid assignments, no more stupid class tests!! Just stupid exams left… *groan*

But I shall remain positive about this and say that I am indeed very happy and feeling a lot of relief that all the other components of assessment are over with and I have time to focus on revising my work and studying for my exams… I can finally sleep in peace!

Phew! It was almost not a 'phew!' cos I forgot to attach the appendixe to my final term paper just now... Hehe... Was too enthusiastic about handing it up... But I have since rectified the situation... :)

Right, let’s move on to other things… Well, the picture you see is me being the little drummer boy for the team! Hehe… We had the Singapore River Regatta on the weekend of 3rd and 4th November and it was simply *amazing*! I also got another medal, silver one this time… This is my third medal for this year and although the other two are gold medals, I feel that this is one which I have worked the hardest for and also the most difficult to get… So I am really damn happy about it… I will not attempt to recap the event… You can go to this link to read the details:

It is taken from Danny’s blog and he does a great recap of the events which took place, and also included lots of nice pictures… So if you wanna be ‘kay-poh’ and see pics of my team-mates, my coach, and their wild ways, go ahead and click on it…

I actually realise that I don’t have much else to write… I guess it’s because for the past 3 weeks, I have been totally occupied with trying to get all my deadlines settled… But they’re all done now! Yay!

Oh yes, a million apologies to Azmi for forgetting about his birthday and birthday greetings to Khairun! Happy 24th!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay, no more essays!

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recognise your SHORTS! And they still fit after all these years... or are you just unleashing your inner slut by squeezing your ass into teeny-weeny shorts that are much too small for you?

*tsk tsk tsk*

I do declare, betch - your milkshake doesn't bring the boys to the yard 'cause it's CURDLED! MUAHAHAHA!

7:55 PM  

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