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Thursday, May 03, 2007

woo hoo!

Thursday, 3rd May 2007 – 3:58pm Singapore time

It’s *finally* over! O-V-E-R! Over!! Hehe… It is official that one hour ago, I submitted my last ever exam script for the semester hence marking the end of my third year in NUS and this is very significant cos it means that I technically have a Bachelor’s Degree in my hands! *mad dance all over the place* Phew!

This is a big deal for me of course, and I just feel soooo tempted to just file for graduation and start *really* enjoying non-schooling life! But for now, the plan is for me to stay one more year in the dreaded institution and get an Honours degree… Unless something forces me to abandon this plan, I will stick to it…

It had been a very tough exam period for me because the exams lasted way too long and the mental lethargy became almost too much to bear… It was also tough because it’s my first semester after Oslo and I tell you, once you get a taste of heaven, hell becomes twice the torture… In addition to that, I am taking modules of a higher level, modules which require more effort and higher level of thinking… These modules demand the best of the student and push him to the limits… Hence, when all these factors are considered and inter-woven with one another, the result would ultimately be a stressed-out student on the verge of insanity… Haha…

Ok, I am looking forward to the hols of course, but still no call from Income… So it means I might be jobless… *gasp* Time to start looking for other resources…

I am going for dragonboat later to paddle out the remnants of my stress! Yay! Then it’s time to head home and do some spring cleaning and laundry before packing my bags and heading back to my parents’… I do miss being home, especially eating all the good food there… Yum! Really looking forward to coming back actually…

And of course, looking forward to spend time with my beloved friends during the hols… Especially people like Huiqing and Hwai Ee… They’re the best! ;p

Alright, time for a little nap before heading on to do other things! Woo hoo!


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Blogger Happy 26th Birthday, Shaun! said...


STELLA u spell his name wrongly. Purposely one right? HEHE. Lets hang out with Angullia after your taiwan trip. WHY U GO SO LONG HUH STELLA. Horrible girl! Condemn!

Eh but my holiday plans are even longer...Faster go and faster come back then hang out with cool and fun people like me ok! And Asraf too! He is cool and fun even though sometimes he doesnt look cool and fun!

Asraf, eat more! (ok very random)

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