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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the entry that makes me tired...

Tuesday, 8th May 2007 – 10:20pm Singapore time

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to Nurul and to Kak Noi! God bless you!

Secondly, I wanna apologise to Hajar for not getting back to her sooner than I would like… I was having dinner with a friend when you first SMS-ed and after that was stuck in a meeting for about 1 ½ hours… But I called you immediately after that and still not sure if you’re ok… Get better soon ya?

It was my first day at work today… I hate it cos:

1) Must do shift work; I prefer regular hours!

2) Must work alternate Saturdays! (*shriek!*)

3) Must call people all the time

4) There’s a target set for you every month! Bleah!

But what to do? A boy’s gotta earn his keep! Anyways, I wanna recount a very disconcerting experience today… Someone made this comment to me:

“I’m sorry, but I think people in your (University) course must do their honours.”

Like, what the @#$%??!

Firstly, the person who made this remark is also from NUS and to make things worse, he’s from my faculty! The only difference would be that he’s majoring in a social science while I am a humanities major…

So what makes a social science undergrad more special than a humanities one? Don’t we get a bachelor of arts at the end of three years? And the difference is only highlighted after the honours stage… I can go on bitching about what he said la, but I don’t think I want to… Not worth the effort, seriously…

It just saddens me that such attitudes still prevail in the world of academia: Elitism in the world of ‘elites’… Same faculty leh… Oh well…

Anyways, I got myself new shoes! Very nice, but since the leather is still a little hard, so some little blisters on my feet now… But me likey those shoesies… Haha…

Ok, I think I’ve written too much now… Time to snooze! =)


Blogger Reza said...

I still say you should have gotten the first pair I picked out... With THOSE pointy-toed babies, so the pe-lac!

Well, poppet - get used to work 'cause in this day and age there is no guarantee of landing a 5-day workweek with regular hours. This is sound advice coming from someone in the same boat. SO SUCK IT UP, YOU PANSY! Dah bagus ada kerja!

Okay, me go beddy now. "Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to work we all have to go..."

9:13 AM  

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