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Thursday, December 07, 2006

asraf has been gone for four months?

Friday, 8th December 2006 – 12:03am Oslo time

My exams are over!! Woo hoo! And it’s my fourth month in Oslo! Woo hoo! *super massive booty shake* Ok, so they had been over since two days ago, but I was too tired to do anything after submitting my last paper, so I just slept… I’m serious when I say this: *NEVER* had I been so tired because of exams! Three home exams and two four-hour school exams are no joke!

Especially when some of them overlap… I had a school exam on Tuesday morning and after the exam, I had to work on my paper which was due the next morning… I was exhausted but had no choice but to work… I only slept at 4am that day… Woke up at 10am to hand in the paper, and then slept…

I’ve been sleeping quite a lot, but remnants of the exhaustion are still in my body... But yeah, at least I get to relax now…

Oh, and before I carry on with the update, big shout-out to the following people:

Hajar!!: A *gazillion* thanks to you for helping me with the research for my Global English paper… I seriously owe you big time la… Free dinner for you when I come back... Hehe… Lova ya lots and see ya soon! =)))

Rohana: Thanks for the nice comments on my blog… Very, very sweet la you… Hehe…

Reza: Thanks for the support babe!

Frank and Kai: For helping me with my presentation! Tusen takk!

So I went to the movies today with my friend from school Lars… My first time ever watching a movie here in Norway cos it’s sooo bleeding expensive… FYI, it’s about S$21 to watch a movie… We watched “Borat”… It was kinda ok, but I didn’t really like it… Not sure why cos the people in the movie theatre were laughing like mad… I did laugh, but not as hard as they did… Dunno la, maybe I lost my sense of humour? *gasp*

I have a presentation on Monday and it’s gonna be totally in Norwegian!! Haha… Hope it goes well… I am gonna tell my friends a few things about Singapore… hehe… Will update you guys on how it goes…

Now that I have more free time, I will spend it going shopping!! *groan* I need to get Christmas pressies for my Norwegian (and some no so Norwegian) friends… Also, need to buy gifts for you people back home lor!! Hehe… So be nice to me, cos I am making a list and I am sooo gonna check it twice… ;p

God helg! (means have a good weekend in norsk)


Blogger .:Aze Lee:. said...


first of that pic of u la..totally gorgeous.. i told u la..ouch if had to go thru exams like urs..glad u made it thru..

thirdly..good luck for that presentation..

fourth..cant wait for ur return..

and last..watever u bring back for me..make sure its young, rich and gorgeous..preferably blonde.. ;)

luv ya..

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FWAH! ACAP! awesome glamour shot! nicely done! *Applause* like that intense-playful glint in your eye! hehe! and a very nice composition and DOF! woohoo! ok ok i shall stop!

oooh...that's really ex man! but oh ...i so want to watch BORAT! but it's obviously goin to be censored here in closed-minded Sinapore. haiz! *piracy? hehe*

and hehe! buying gifts eh? you're creative wat...make stuff la :) hehe! and oi...since i'm nicer now...i won't ask for much...maybe just smth tourisy...coz i AM a tourism student...hehe! LUV!!

5:07 AM  
Blogger ana said...

Yay! I get a shout-out!

Btw, coincidentally my new year resolution for next year is to be sweet and shy. So maybe I'm halfway there already! Haha...

God helg - I really thought you were asking God for help, heh.

Okielah, looking forward to your update! Have a good weekend too! =)

6:20 AM  
Blogger Reza said...

How come Hajar gets a free dinner?! What about ME?! I helped with your 'kiasuism' paper?! Sedih seh... *sniff sniff* Plus, you made me think up ideas for that paper at a time when my brain was more 'intellectual discord' than 'discourse' so more props to me!

Sedih seh... *sob sob* A-N-D I kept you amused with my 'volcanic eruption'! Does that not count for something?!

God, I feel so unappreciated... I am off to bury myself in a hole now.

5:48 PM  
Blogger asraf angullia said...


hajar helped me with an exam question... the kiasuism paper was just a normal class assignment which doesn't affect my grade... too bad hon!

dig that hole real deep then! ;p

7:38 AM  
Blogger Reza said...

This is to cordially inform you that Messrs Muhammad Reza Harith (henceforth known as The Buried) has been buried in a hole in the ground which The Buried dug before being buried. The Buried has explicitly mentioned that none of The Buried's possessions of any sort shall be bequeathed onto you since you were mean and ungrateful to The Buried. The Buried wishes you the most miserable of fortunes and may a plague of a thousand horny fugly Norsk men with raging erections befall your sorry ass.

Postscript: The Buried would also like to inform that in retrospect, The Buried thinks that the grey T-Shirt The Buried bought for you makes you look like the cheap whore that you were destined to be. Plus, it made you look FAT!

7:58 AM  

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